In life, there are things that you want to grasp, you visualize, it takes you to a dream and appeals to your touch in reality. In my case it was a small Cocobolo wooden box from Lüder Baier in 1985. I was inspired and began my own work shop.

1989; Berlin wall was down and the machine stood still. However, in this mean long break time, it gave me the opportunity to see, discover and feel both of the worlds design of carvings which brought me joy and motivation. 2003; Different beams, woods, of all ages and sizes lying around and ready for use. Though, my workshop was not best of condition to start work yet, but my creative imagination desires were overwhelming my possibilities. The art of turnery is relatively advantage for a quick finished dedicated product which you can feel in your hands at once and satisfaction will wash you down with excitement. For instance, a little piece of leftover of a beam can even be used to produce a small design oriented box.

In autumn 2008 I again started working with a new Lathe from Erzgebirge.

The wood I used, which are from my region are; Locust, Oak, Ash, Lime tree and Maple. They are all aged and dry. Recently, though, I have been using small branches from Pear, Olive, and Beech. Design elements behind these branches are with enormous expressional thoughts. With a delicate finished product, when the base and the lid comes together, the rhythm pattern of the wood has to be in line to stay in perfect condition all year round, come Summer or Winter to be in perfect harmony. This is very important for a natural product‘s life. The sound produced when opening such a delicate nature inspired finished product is beautifully touching. It‘s unique!

Personally, it‘s a joy to turn wood in the same way with different designed pattern again and again and my never ending passion grows with every single box. The difference with each box is in the way the natural pattern flows; none is the same to each other and so is the boxes produced from my lathe. However, a small unique decoration individualizes each piece with absolute precision and perfection necessitating it‘s finish.
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